Oceti Sakowin sunrise Oct. 16, 2016 by Ryan Vizzions 1 of 5 prints. 13×19 framed


Oceti Sakowin sunrise Oct. 16, 2016 by Ryan Vizzions 1 of 5 prints. 13×19 framed



Atlanta based photographer Ryan Vizzions first discovered his love for exploration and photography in 2010 while on a self discovery trip around the world. After losing his father in 2009 to suicide, Ryan bought a 1 way trip to Thailand to start knocking off his bucket list, and cope with the loss. While in Bangkok, Ryan found himself head first in the center of The Red Shirt Protests, a civil uprise taking place across the country. Using his camera as leverage to play the role of a journalist, Ryan soon found himself in the makeshift civilian compound inside the center of the city. Surrounded by machine guns, and protesters, Vizzions did the best he could to document the events unfolding around him. Although his photography was lacking, it sparked a fire inside that has led him down a new path in life. To explore, and document with his photos. Five years later, Vizzions has been named Creative Loafing 2014 “Best Fine Art Photographer” (readers choice), 2015 Creative Loafing “Best Cityscape Photographer” (critics pick), worked alongside international brands such as Adidas and Pharrell Williams, along with local companies such as #WeLoveATL, The Atlanta Opera, Van Michael Salon, and covered many music festivals including Outkast’s long awaited reunion series “Outkast ATLast”. Hosting his own photo exhibition yearly entitled “Wander Never Wonder”, Vizzions connects local photographers, and helps provide a platform for local artists to make money off of their craft. Ryan is also involved with the Atlanta community, often donating portions of his art sales to various local charities and foundations.

2014 – Best Fine Art Photographer – Creative Loafing

2015 – Best Cityscape Photographer – Creative Loafing

2016 – Photos of the Year – People 

2016 – Photos of the Year – Artsy.net

2016 – Photos of the Year – Mic.com

2017 – Photos of the Year – Guardian 

2017 – Photos of the Year – ABC News 

2017 – Nobel Peace Prize Forums // Across Dividing Lines

Work featured in: Newsweek, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Adbusters, ABC News, Creative Loafing, NPR, The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, Amnesty International, FStoppers, US Uncut and many more.


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