Untitled photograph, 16×20 by Aaron Sevenzeroeight


Untitled photograph by Aaron Sevenzeroeight


Aaron Lewis started his photography career in the very early 2000’s shooting mostly lighthouses and abandoned structures he came across in his travels.

His approach to this art form often occurs by taking chances, striving for new boundaries and his defiance of following traditional methods. The wide array of subject matter in his works pays tribute to his ability to capture moments such as lust, desire, tranquility and sorrow. 

When he began working with models, it was like a whole new world had opened up for Aaron and his art.  At first, he would place the female models in positions of dominance and power for the photo sessions. 

Later, Aaron began working with bondage, shibari, and various forms of rope suspension.  As much as it appears to be a dominating or sexualized form of art, he quickly learned that many of the models he worked with find it to be a much-needed release and an empowering experience. It’s a way to let go, just be and let your freak flag fly.

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